"Our professional mainframe staff is *US based* and I am personally asking you to bring our jobs back home. I promise that we will offer competitive pricing and will deliver on your critical mainframe projects. Our Trainframe division is hard at work developing a brand new 'farm team of dinosaurs'."



"Add both Mainframe.US.com and Trainframe to your preferred vendors list today."



Joe Polizzi

CEO / Founder Mainframe.US.com and
Trainframe, Inc.

Joe Polizzi has experience in all aspects of IBM MVS mainframe business systems. He has operated, installed, configured, modified, debugged and supported all levels of IBM’s MVS ESA, OS/390 and z/OS operating systems and associated program products.

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Joe Polizzi Sr.

Mainframe.US.com and
Trainframe, Inc.

Involved in the Data Center revolution back in the 1960's, Joe Sr. is financially in charge of Mainframe.US.com and Trainframe, Inc.  He is in charge of day to day operations (but obviously failed to pass on the great head of hair).



Rebecca West - MVS Systems Security and Program Products Administration

Becky has extensive experience in IT technology. She is highly knowledgeable in IBM's RACF security product, Production Control, Change Management and has supported many applications & program products across multiple platforms.


Jeff Robitaille - MVS z/OS Systems Programmer

For over three decades, Jeff has lead z/OS MVS upgrade projects and continues to be instrumental in product installation, SMP/E, testing, disaster recovery, HCD,workload management and has mastered most aspects of the mainframe and other platforms.



Howard Banks - MVS z/OS Systems Storage Management

Howard has several years designing, installing and supporting large system's storage strategies.  He is our resident expert in DFSMS, DFHSM, DFDSS, FDR and ISMF and is involved in other Systems Programmer responsibilities.



Travis Polizzi - Trainframe and LMS Lead Developer

Travis is Trainframe's lead training simulation developer. He is skilled in Mainframe Operations, Captivate, Flash and other Adobe products used to create "best in class" simulation training for the Mainframe and other environments.


Kari Estelle - IMS Systems Programmer

Stewart Shelton - MVS Operations Specialist


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