MVS z/OS Systems Programmer - HCD

Hardware Configuration Definition

You must define an I/O configuration to the operating system (software) and the channel subsystem (hardware). The Hardware Configuration Definition (HCD) component of z/OS consolidates the hardware and software I/O configuration processes under a single interactive end-user interface. The validation checking that HCD does as you enter data helps to eliminate errors before you attempt to use the I/O configuration. The output of HCD is an I/O definition file (IODF), which contains I/O configuration data. An IODF is used to define multiple hardware and software configurations to the z/OS operating system. When you activate an IODF, HCD defines the I/O configuration to the channel subsystem and/or the operating system. With the HCD activate function or the z/OS ACTIVATE operator command, you can make changes to the current configuration without having to initial program load (IPL) the software or power-on reset (POR) the hardware. Making changes while the system is running is known as dynamic configuration or dynamic reconfiguration.

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