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Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is a set of protocols and applications that allow you to perform certain computer functions in a similar manner independent of the types of computers or networks being used. When you use TCP/IP, you are using a network of computers to communicate with other users, share data with each other, and share the processing resources of the computers connected to the TCP/IP network.

A computer network is a group of computer nodes electronically connected by some communication medium. Each node has the hardware and the programs necessary to communicate with other computer nodes across this communication medium. The node can be a PC, workstation, microcomputer, departmental computer, or large computer system. The size of the computer is not important, while the ability to communicate with other nodes is.

Computer networks allow you to share the data and computing resources of many computers. Applications, such as departmental file servers, rely on networking as a way to share data and programs.

Many forms of communication media are available today. Each is designed to take advantage of the environment in which it operates. Communication media consist of a combination of the physical network used to connect to computer nodes and the language, or protocol, they use to communicate with each other.


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