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Disaster Recovery

Let's clarify the terms Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. These terms are sometimes used interchangeably, as are business resumption and contingency planning.

Business Continuity is the ability to adapt and respond to risks, as well as opportunities, in order to maintain continuous business operations. There are three primary aspects of providing Business Continuity for key applications and processes:

- High availability is the capability to and processes that provide access to applications regardless of local failures, whether these failures are in the business processes, in the physical facilities, or in the IT hardware or software.

- Continuous operations is the capability to keep things running when everything is working properly; where you do not have to take applications down merely to do scheduled backups or planned maintenance.

- Disaster Recovery is the capability to recover a data center at a different site if a disaster destroys the primary site or otherwise renders it inoperable. The characteristics of a disaster recovery solution are that processing resumes at a different site and on different hardware.

It is necessary to clarify and differentiate between the terms Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Strictly speaking, Disaster Recovery is the ability to recover data and is only one component of an overall Business Continuity Plan.

From a mainframe perspective, we can help you with:


  • XRC
  • GDPS
  • Global Mirroring
  • PPRC
  • Backups and offsite storage
  • Emergency recoveries
  • Channel Extension


Let help you with your Disaster Recovery needs.



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