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System Modification Program/Extended:

System Modification Program Extended (SMP/E) is a tool designed to manage the installation of software products on your z/OS system, and to track the modifications applied to those products. Usually, it is the system programmer's responsibility to ensure that all software products and modifications are properly installed on the system, and that all products are installed at the proper level so all elements of the system can work together.

A z/OS system may appear to be one big block of code that drives the CPU. Actually, z/OS is a complex system comprising many different smaller blocks of code. Each of those smaller blocks of code performs a specific function within the system. Each system function is composed of one or more load modules. In a z/OS environment, a load module represents the basic unit of machine-readable executable code. Load modules are created by combining one or more object modules and processing them with a link-edit utility. The link-editing of modules is a process that resolves external references and addresses. The functions on a system, therefore, are one or more object modules that have been combined and link-edited.

Over time, you may need to change some of the elements of your system. These changes may be necessary to improve the usability or reliability of a product. You may need to add some new functions to your system, upgrade some of the elements of your system, or modify some elements for a variety of reasons. In all cases, you are making system modifications.

All executable software code is subject to errors. Any errors in the IBM software code are fixed by IBM and made available to installations in the form of either an authorized program analysis report (APAR) or program temporary fix (PTF).


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